Predicta Rope

Predicta Rope

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Pavel’s ‘Predicta Rope’ is a masterpiece of modern deception that you will just love performing.

Three lengths of rope each a different colour are shown tied together either inside a small clear plastic bag or draped onto your table.

A set of three matching coloured ropes are shown and passed to a spectator to tie the three ropes together end-for-end into whatever colour combination they desire.

When the first set of ropes are displayed, they are tied together in exactly the same combination of colours that the spectator has used!

This is a baffling rope mystery that can be featured either in your magic or mentalism show. It is also perfect for your children’s shows.

Comes complete with the correct type of six brightly coloured ropes, the plastic bag and full instructions all ready for you to perform. Very easy to do!

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