Your Card

Your Card

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You show a jumbo playing card peeping out of the top of an envelope and explain this is your prediction; just one single card in an envelope. You leave it in full view.

From a regular pack of playing cards one card is chosen by any spectator; will it match your jumbo prediction card?

You continue, “My card is a RED card, will that colour match your chosen card sir? It does! Please name your card – the Seven of Hearts, would you be surprised if the jumbo prediction card inside my envelope was your card? You would? Well here is the surprise, it is your card!”

So saying, you remove the card peeping out of the envelope to show printed on its face in red the words ‘YOUR CARD’.

After all the laughter (and groans) this produces you turn the jumbo prediction over to show the duplicate card on its back as you say, “I knew you wouldn't believe me, so I have also printed on the back your card - the Seven of Hearts!”

Your Card is an easy to do guaranteed laughter-maker in your programme and fits flat into your show bag always ready to perform.

The comedy prediction cards are approx A5 size (8” x 5.5”) and suitable for close-up, parlour and stage performances.

Also comes with an alternative prediction sign showing a black card the Two of Spades so that you can repeat the trick with a different card the next time you perform it, together with instructions. Use your own regular playing cards.

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