Saints and Sinners

Saints and Sinners

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Here is an unusual effect that is ideal for close-up and table-hopping.

You show a few faces down jumbo-sized laminated picture cards (4” x 5.75”) which you explain are used as a test at the Golden Gates of Heaven to see if people are Saints or Sinners.

A spectator is requested to take part and both you and the spectator each freely choose one of the Saint or Sinners cards and then swap these over with each other.

Amazingly you have each taken matching cards; both showing a SAINT symbol complete with halo, heavenly candidates guaranteed!

The spectators will naturally think that all the cards are Saints but when the balance is distributed among them and turned faces upwards they will see that they are all SINNERS; plus each has an amusing slogan that cannot fail to create much amusement and laughter from those present.

•Clever method
•Hilarious climax
•Guaranteed laughter
•No sleights involved

Comes with instructions & Jumbo-sized laminated cards. 

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