Out to Lunch - Jumbo

Out to Lunch - Jumbo

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A classic pocket-trick now available in JUMBO size.

You show your audience a stack of laminated cards that show a young boy climbing up a rope extending upwards from a basket; the famous Indian Rope Trick!

Using a whiteboard marker pen a spectator writes his initial front and back on one of the picture cards which are then placed on their outstretched palm.

You ask, “Do you know where the little Indian boy goes when he vanishes from the top of the rope? If you turn over the card on your hand you will find out!”

The spectator himself turns over the card that still has his initials clearly printed in his own handwriting front and back and to everyone’s surprise the boy has completely vanished from the rope leaving a hanging sign in his place that says ‘Out to Lunch’.

The original version of this amazing effect can be found on our website in close-up size, this model is for larger audiences.

The cards measure 5.75” x 3.75” (9.5cm x 14.5cm) perfect for table-hopping and parlour shows. The spectator’s initials are written on the card by a whiteboard marker pen (available from most stationers) and can be erased and then reused time & time again, without the cost of replacements.

Comes with the special laminated jumbo-sized cards & instructions (use your own marker pen). Easy to do!

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