3choice by Wayne Dobson - Odd Bin Item

3choice by Wayne Dobson - Odd Bin Item

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1 in stock. You write down a prediction which may be held by a spectator from the start of the effect.

Next you present a wallet to any spectator and offer them a free choice of the three objects that are inside the wallet; these being a credit card, a business card and a banknote.

You then look away, shield your eyes and ask the spectator to take the three items out of the wallet one at a time.

As the spectator pulls out each item they are instructed to conceal each one into their various different pockets.

Once the spectator has finished randomly selecting the objects, you turn back to the spectator and one by one, you correctly name the location of each object, to the amazement of both the spectator and audience!

But there is more; for when your prediction is read out loud by the audience member you have correctly revealed the location of each item IN ADVANCE of them being chosen and concealed!

Eddie adds another baffling climax to Wayne's trick and also a superb alternative effect using the same wallet.

These two extra items are explained in our EXCLUSIVE manuscript that you can only receive by purchasing 3Choice directly from Mr. E Enterprises.

Comes with the special wallet, Dobson's routine & our extra EXCLUSIVE Mr. E routines. 1 in stock.

Only £39.99

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