Goblets of Doom

Goblets of Doom

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Now with an extra exciting routine by Michael Symes.

You tell a strange and spine-chilling tale based on fact concerning the evil Lucrezia Borgia poisoner and murderess of 1480, daughter of Pope Alexander VI.

Lucrezia is reputed to have invited guests to her lavish banquets and then poisoned them; some say with deadly drinks prepared by her own hand and all served in expensive goblets.

In the fascinating routine that follows you show five jumbo cards – four of which depict Lucrezia’s Goblets of Doom; each of these has a skull & crossbones as per the above illustration, then of course there is Lucrezia’s own goblet that is plain and holds no poison at all.

The cards are mixed face down and four of the spectators each select a drink, you, acting as Lucrezia, are left with the fifth and finale chalice. The four spectators ALWAYS RECEIVE THE POISON – while you always receive the safe wine.

The pay off comes when one final set of guests decide to turn the table and it is YOU as Lucrezia who mysteriously receive a ‘Goblet of Doom’ while the others get to enjoy their wine in complete safety!

Comes complete with jumbo sized laminated cards, routine & instructions.

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