Astro Coin

Astro Coin

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The mysterious coin from outer space! Pretend to take an invisible coin or borrow a real one from your friend.

Tap it against the clear plastic dome 1 - 2 - 3 smack!

The coin magically appears inside the closed transparent dome! A space-age miracle!

Most of us love money and would love it even more if it came to us this easily.

With this incredible drinks coaster covered with a transparent dome, you claim to use the cosmic energies to magically make coins appear inside the closed dome.

Alternatively you can cause a borrowed coin to mysteriously penetrate the clear solid dome!

Will work with any denomination coin of about the ten or two pence UK size.

Astro Coin comes nicely boxed with the Dome approx 3" high (7.5cm), Coaster approx 3.5" (8.5cm) in diameter and fully illustrated instructions.

Would make an ideal present for the magician in your life age 6+!). Easy to do! An out-of-this-World coin trick!

Only £9.99

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