Triple Prediction

Triple Prediction

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Triple Prediction is the modern way to present Hen Fetsch’s Mental Epic without using a slate or similar device.

The ‘props’ can easily be carried inside your wallet and consist of three small folders numbered 1, 2 & 3, an ordinary pen or pencil and a few sheets of ordinary writing paper. You will also use a glass or clear plastic tumbler that may be borrowed from your hostess.

Using these simple properties you are all set to predict almost anything; names, dates, telephone numbers, credit card numbers, playing cards, celebrity names, landmarks and locations or practically anything else you can think of!

There is absolutely no sleight of hand or similar skill required. Nor do you use carbon or other type impressions. No special envelopes or pens/pencils. At the end you are completely clean. No replacements are ever needed save the ordinary paper that you write your predictions on. Your predictions can be left with audience members as souvenirs and can even have your contact details on them if you wish.

Triple Prediction is the ideal effect to perform close-up, cabaret or stage. It will make a very big impact at private parties, meetings, family gatherings or comedy clubs etc.

We supply the printed folders that have been laminated for long life plus full clear instructions. All the rest of the properties will be available in your own home, pen, paper, wineglass or tumbler etc. You will be all ready to perform this straight away!

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