The Infinite End - Odd Bin Item

The Infinite End - Odd Bin Item

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An uncanny demonstration of subliminal persuasion.

"This grid of nine images holds the power to control your
mind. You may think that the choices you're about to make
are void of influence, but you'll be sucked into the
infinite inevitable end no matter how free a choice you
think you've made."

The Infinite End is a utility device that may be used to
subtly select a specific pre-chosen audience member while
creating the look of a random choice, it may be used as a
peek-less drawing duplication and may even be used to
demonstrate its uncanny ability to subliminally persuade
the mind.

The basic effect happens in two parts: A number and image are chosen by a subject. The performer then goes on to explain how each and every image has been subliminally screaming that exact number.

Furthermore, each image boldly points to the subject's named image. The board is then turned to display the named image boldly on the back!

*Easy to do
*Works every time
*No moving parts
*Resets instantly
*Blows minds!

Comes with the 43-page booklet (5.5" x 5.5") containing multiple routines and special laminated Infinite prop.
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