Silk Cola Chips - Waiting for new stock

Silk Cola Chips - Waiting for new stock

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The Silkola effect is a classic in magic. The magician snacks on some Pringles chips and has a coke to drink.

When he is finished he takes the empty coke bottle and puts it in the Pringles can where it just fits and he closes the lid.

He puts it aside & then makes a silk disappear in mid air.

What happens now is completely unexplainable. The magician opens the Pringles can and when the bottle is taken out the vanished silk has magically appeared inside!

Silk Cola Chips is a surprisingly easy to do.

Comes complete with the coke bottle, Pringles can, silks & instructions. 1 in stock.

Heavy or bulky item and may attract extra postage added to our standard charge especially overseas, please check with us when ordering.

Only £19.95

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