The Incredible Hypnotic Rigid Test

The Incredible Hypnotic Rigid Test

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This sensational test has been featured by most of the world’s leading hypnotic entertainers such as Peter Casson, Edwin Heath and our very own Eddie Burke. It has truly stood the test of time. With all the appearance of genuine hypnosis it’s really a clever trick that requires no training in hypnotism. Any canny showman could quickly feature it in their programme. You appear to put your subject under your hypnotic control and then cause their body to become “As stiff as a solid steel guider”, the subject’s muscles become so RIGID that their body can be placed with their shoulders on one chair and their lower legs & ankles on another chair with nothing in between to support them. Whilst in this ‘hypnotic state’ you can stand or sit upon their suspended body balanced across the two chairs. Karma used to put a large rock on the subject’s stomach and then break it with the blows of a sledgehammer! Other showmen have placed a heavy blacksmiths’ anvil on the subject’s unsupported stomach then allowed two powerful men to swing twin sledgehammers onto the anvil with all their might, playing a tune that brought the audience to their feet with excitement! Once you know and understand the true secret of this sensational effect you will have an item that you can perform ANYWHERE and under almost ANY CONDITIONS.

Absolutely first class for newspaper offices, theatres, cabaret, outdoor events, theatre lobbies, challenges and shop window demonstrations to advertise your show. It can also be used on television to great effect as “Long Distant Telepathic Hypnotism”, a truly incredible demonstration that could really make your name as a master hypnotist, magician or mentalist. This is a fantastic pseudo-hypnotic test that will run for several minutes in your show. It requires no special apparatus of any kind whatsoever, just a few ordinary chairs.

The Incredible "Hypnotic" Rigid Test can be presented using your own assistant – who can learn his/her part in one evening. Or you can present it using a volunteer from the audience with no prior rehearsal of the subject or previous experience at all.

Don’t confuse this with anything else you may have read or been told by others. This is the CORRECT & ONLY safe method of performing this sensational stunt that should NOT be attempted until you have read and fully understand this booklet. Not suitable for juveniles.

Special extra bonus effect: Levitating a heavy volunteer from the audience. This special extra bonus effect is included at no extra charge!

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