Coin-nection - Mre

Coin-nection - Mre

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You show a small purse filled with coins. The coins are shaken out onto a tabletop or spectator’s cupped hands. Taking the coin purse you drop a few coins unseen back into it and the closed purse is now given to another spectator for safekeeping.

With your back turned you instruct a spectator to secretly take up a few coins into each of their hands.

Concentrating and still facing away from the spectator you instruct them to transfer coins from hand to hand and even to drop a few more into the purse.

Now follows an amazing revelation – the spectator announces the number of coins that he holds, and remember they had an absolutely free choice, yet when your prediction coins in the purse are counted there is EXACTLY the same number of coins inside!

The effect may be immediately repeated with a different number of coins involved each time. In fact, each repeat will result in the spectators becoming more and more stunned with your uncanny ability to accurately control the outcome. Coin-nection truly looks baffling and you will not only fool other magicians and mindreaders but you may even fool yourself as well!

·Very easy-to-do.
·Use any coins – you supply your own.
·Ideal for table-hopping as there is no pre-set or re-set required.
·Present it anywhere and under any conditions.
·Works every time – cannot go wrong!
·Ideal for parlour magic, club, cabaret or stage.

Comes with the small purse & instructions. Use your own coins.

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