Wun Deck

Wun Deck

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This sensational trick has now been re-made better than ever in Bicycle poker size cards.

This effect created a sensation among the magic world when George Blake first released it many years ago. Wun Deck has since been long unobtainable – but is now being remade using modern materials making it better than ever before.

Re-released together with Eddie Burke’s superb club and cabaret routine that really does guarantee the very best audience reaction to this fantastic effect!

Blake named the effect Wun Deck because it only uses one deck of playing cards for an effect that previously and secretly required two decks to perform – the correct pack being produce only after the card had been named.

With Wun Deck the pack is in the hands of a spectator BEFORE they are asked to name their chosen playing card.

·A pack of cards is given to anyone to hold and is never touched by the performer again until the effect is over.
·A second spectator names a playing card. The name of the selected card is written boldly across the front of an envelope and left in full view as a reminder.
·The pack of cards held by the spectator is opened and dealt by him or her faces upwards looking for the named card – at the same time the cards are counted out loud by the spectator. There are only fifty-one cards in the pack –the named card is the one that is missing.
·The envelope with the cards name written across its face is now opened and inside is discovered just one single playing card. It is the very card so freely named!

Positively no skill is required. A different card can be named at your every performance. There is no palming, sleights or switch of the card or the pack in any way.

Comes complete with quality Bicycle poker sized playing cards &instructions.

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