Mentalist's Note Pad

Mentalist's Note Pad

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Possibly the easiest and most direct way of performing the famous and impressive Number or Word Prediction effect!

Number Prediction: You pass a sealed envelope for safe keeping to a member of your audience. Three or four other spectators each now write a number between one hundred and nine hundred & ninety-nine on a simple note pad; each number one below the other to make a simple addition sum. (No force or confederates are used).

Another genuine member of the audience totals the sum and announces the total aloud, let us presume this is 2,195 (note the total is always different).

Your prediction envelope is now opened by any spectator and it contains a large sheet of paper which when displayed contains the exact number arrived at - in our example 2,195!

Word Prediction: Several spectators write a single letter of the alphabet on your notepad, another spectator forms a word from the chosen letters. Your prediction envelope is opened and contains that exact word!

Only ordinary properties are used, comes with instructions and a small notepad of the correct type, you supply a pen, envelope and a large sheet of paper for your prediction - plus a little showmanship!

An easy to do classic of magic that you will enjoy performing. 

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