Mini Sola Prediction Cards

Mini Sola Prediction Cards

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Examine the World's history and you will find that man believed the sun was a living being that ruled destiny and had a great power in shaping or controlling our daily existence.

You introduce a set of twenty-four Mini Sola Predictions each is different from the other and each includes a different lucky playing card.

You lay out three predictions in full view, these can be predictions either of the Sola readings or just the individual playing cards as you desire.

If you wish the predictions can be written out there and then for each individual.

Using Numerology, three spectators each select one of the Sola Readings & then read them out aloud.

Incredibly you have correctly predicted their actual reading & their lucky playing card!

Alternatively, you can give one-to-one prediction readings which makes this ideal when table-hopping. Eddie when performing at various functions has had people queuing for their individual predictions.

Everything can be left for examination with no clue to your mystery.

While totally baffling the effect is easy to perform and ideal for either your stand-up, television or table-hopping shows. The trick is especially appealing to the ladies in your audience.

Comes with the twenty-four (5.75” x 4”) laminated psychological-style reading cards & instructions.  

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