The Streets Set (Boston & London Map) by John Archer

The Streets Set (Boston & London Map) by John Archer

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From the man who fooled Penn & Teller in their hit TV show, we bring you "The Streets." The plot is simple; someone picks a city street map and thinks of ANY street they see on the page. You read his mind & tell him many details about the page he is looking at and even EXACTLY what street he is thinking of!

The quantum leap forward with "The Streets" is that John Archer has solved the biggest issue with any book test: why use a book? People don't need books to think of words, so why use them at all? Here you change the game, you ask someone to think of a STREET and provide a book of maps to help them. Now there's a very logical reason to carry a book of maps.

Can be performed anywhere in the world. The presentation is perfectly justified even if you don't happen to live in London or Boston.

Comes with two custom-printed map books of London (7.5" x 5") and Boston (9" x 6") that do all the work for you. These publications are subtle works of art, they look just like the real thing, but these maps have all sorts of built-in features that force various streets and features.

Also included is a handy storage box for both books, two indexes, a 40-page booklet (including two stunning routines by Luke Jermay) and access to a 30-minute video download of John Archer performing & explaining this incredible trick.

"The Streets is more than a single trick; it's a practical tool for the working mentalist-which means if you use it wisely, it might actually keep you off the streets!" Max Maven.

"This is a professionally designed piece of equipment which looks good, works well and offers time-tested methods built-into a deceptively convincing and modern package. The Streets can turn any performer into a human GPS." Michael Weber.

"A utility tool that will allow even those left cold by traditional book tests to craft exciting demonstrations of super memory, telepathy or body language reading." Luke Jermay.

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