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1 in stock.Perform absolute mind reading miracles with the aid of this marvellous Pentagram. For years this was one of George Sands’ best-kept secrets. Designed with today’s modern close-up performer in mind, Pentagram puts one of magic and mentalism’s most powerful secret weapons at your disposal!

Five playing cards are placed around the points of the Pentagram. With the aid of a coin from a spectator’s own pocket four of the cards are turned face downwards leaving just one card facing upwards. The Pentagram is turned over and that very card is boldly printed on its back.

Five envelopes are placed around the Pentagram and a stone is placed on any point of the star. With the aid of the stone the spectator receives four envelopes – leaving one for the performer. Spectators open the four envelopes and they contain just blank pieces of paper. The performer opens his envelope to show it contains a crisp £50 note!

Five small-borrowed objects are placed around the Pentagram and you write a prediction leaving it in the centre. With the aid of a small stone – four items are eliminated leaving just one object upon the Pentagram – your prediction is opened by anyone and you have correctly predicted the last item!

Pentagram is the ideal way to force any one of five things; colours, names, articles, places, numbers, living & dead test etc; the power of the Pentagram is only limited by your own imagination and remember, the spectator appears to have an absolute free choice as to where he places his coin or stone! 1 in stock.

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