Magic Light-Up Rose

Magic Light-Up Rose

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Light up your show with this magical rose! You display a beautiful single stemmed rose at your fingertips.

On command, the rose lights up with a brilliant red light.

Blow on the lit rose and it magically goes out again.

The rose is nicely made and you can combine it with the production of a red light at the fingertips using your D’lite gimmick (not supplied). Magically produce a red light and then toss it towards the rose and the flower lights up! Take the light back at your fingertips!

Lots of fun with children as every time you look away the rose lights up and they draw your attention to it but when you look the light has gone out again.

Use it to reveal a chosen playing card in your close-up and parlour magic. The light only comes on when the chosen card is dealt by a spectator.

Use it to reveal people’s secret thoughts!

Comes with Magic Light-Up Rose (approx 10”, 25.5cm long), TEN EXCLUSIVE routines & instructions.

Only £5.95

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