Adair's Spade Card Monte

Adair's Spade Card Monte

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If its laughter you are after then this is a great comedy style magical gag suitable for both your close-up and stand-up performances.

Performer displays two red jumbo spot playing cards with an Ace of Spades between them.

A spectator is asked to point to the odd card out among the three. He points to the centre card, which is then put aside where it remains in full view.

The other two cards are turned over and are seen to be the two red spot cards so it is clear that the removed card is the Ace of Spades.

But when the face down card is turned over it is a jumbo blank!

Where on earth can the spade card be?

The performer snaps his fingers, and the blank card drops open to a double card, with a picture of a gardening spade as you quip, "That reminds me, its time for my wife to do the garden!".

A great comedy effect that is easy to do.

Comes complete with jumbo playing cards (4.35" x 6.75") & instructions.

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