Room No. 17

Room No. 17

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Taking a key on a string from around your neck, you explain that it is a relic from the d'Hubert Hotel, the most haunted hotel in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

Picking up an envelope from the table, you open it and empty out a handful of antique room number plaques. You also show that the envelope contains a yellowing newspaper clipping and nothing else.

After turning all the number plaques face down, you give the key to a spectator and ask her to swing it over each plaque until they feel "compelled" to choose one (no force).

Once she does, the spectator is asked to turn ALL the other plaques face-up and call out the numbers, after which they are dropped into a wine glass also from the d'Hubert Hotel.

You say, "It just so happens that the key you are holding is from the d'Hubert Hotel room number 17." To prove the person helping with this experiment is not a confederate, you turn to another spectator (any spectator!) you hand him the envelope and room number plaque. You then ask that spectator to turn the plaque over and he discovers that he has chosen the plaque for Room No. 17.

He then removes the clipping (of which there is ONLY ONE) from the envelope he has been holding and reads the detailed article aloud about the ghastly goings-on at the d'Hubert Hotel.

The Article was written in regard to one particular room...
Room Number 17!

Comes with everything you need including nine antique-looking room plaques, key, newspaper cutting, envelope and instructions.

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