Jokers on Bikes

Jokers on Bikes

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Four Jokers riding bicycles are shown on standard Bicycle cards and then turned face downwards as you count them, “One-two-three and four!”

You give each joker the name of a spectator that is present and another spectator is asked to guess which of the cyclists they think would be the fastest rider.

No matter which name they choose they prove to be correct and that rider has already left the card – it is completely blank!

You next ask, “How long do you think it will take for the other three to catch up with the first one?”

No matter what they reply you say, “Too late they have already gone!”

You turn the other three cards face up, spreading them and showing each card is also completely BLANK!

*A novel & entertaining close-up effect that is easy to do
*Ideal to carry in your pocket or wallet
*Great for table-hopping
*Reset in a moment!

Comes complete with special, quality cards & instructions.

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