Thought of Card in Rat Trap

Thought of Card in Rat Trap

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The mentally chosen card in rat trap!

You display a number of jumbo-sized playing cards. The cards are freely mixed together by a spectator and then each is clearly displayed so that a spectator can merely think of any one of them (no force) the cards are again mixed so that no one knows the location of the mentally selected card.

The spectator is told to think of their freely and mentally chosen card as a rat, you take out an unfaked rat trap setting it for action and then placing it onto the spectator’s outstretched palm.

The cards are now stroked on the trap one at a time when suddenly the trap fires off making everyone jump & catching one single card; a 'rat' has been caught.

For the first time your spectator names the freely and mentally selected card; up until this moment even you do not know the name of the chosen card.

Still in the trap the card and trap are turned over to show that the exact card just named is the very one held fast in the rat trap!

Nothing else is used save the unfaked cards and the rat trap. The cards are not marked or gimmicked in any way and so can be thoroughly examined both before and after the trick.

Furthermore, the secret is most subtle and the effect is practically self working; it will even fool other magicians & mystery performers. No sleights or forces & no extra cards are involved.

Thought Card in Rat Trap is an effective pocket mystery that is perfect for stage, cabaret and similar performances as no set-up is required; simply take out the cards and having shown them allow them to be shuffled face down, one merely thought of and then dramatically remove the rat trap as you are all ready to perform this startling trick.

The rat trap theme lends itself to many different style presentations from the mysterious to the comical and suspenseful, as you take your audience on this sensational magical and mental mystery!

Comes complete with jumbo-sized playing cards, genuine rat trap (approx. 7" x 3", 17.5cm x 7cm) & instructions all ready for you to perform. Easy to do! Not sold to Juveniles.

Also sold in Mouse Trap size with Regular size playing cards.

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