Pocket Miracle

Pocket Miracle

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1 in stock. Sorry no picture. Roy Baker first showed me what he called his ‘Pocket Miracle’ in the late 1970s, it was the prediction of any article that a spectator chose from a selection on a table.

Since then I have played around, added to it & improved the effect and now you can perform it anywhere-anytime.

You show a number of laminated cards each of which has a picture of an everyday article on it, the cards are freely shuffled and laid face down. Note: the cards are not marked in any way and their backs are all blank.

Cards are now eliminated until only one is left and when this card is turned over let’s say it is a picture of a bunch of keys.

You now open your hand which has been closed throughout the proceedings to show that you are holding a regular bunch of keys!

•Everything can be fully examined at any point during your performance.
•Only everyday pocket articles are used besides the picture cards.
•The chosen item is different every time.
•No advance set-up of the cards is required.
•Always ready to perform.
•Easy to do!

Comes with a set of laminated picture cards (5.75” x 4”) & instructions for both the original Baker impromptu effect & Burke’s contemporary routine. 1 in stock.

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