Master Card Prediction

Master Card Prediction

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“I have been developing Master Card Prediction over the past twenty-five years. At last it is perfect and ready for release”. Eddie Burke.

The most straightforward card prediction ever! A pack of playing cards is freely shown, together with your prediction (which you can do in any form – written boldly on a pad, jumbo card in envelope etc). The prediction is placed in full view and never touched by you again. The pack is also left in full view.

Two spectators each call out a single digit number – let’s say they decide on the figures “three” and “nine.” Forming the number ‘Thirty-nine’. This chosen number (and it is different every time) is openly counted down to from the top of the face down pack. The card at that very number is placed aside in full view. Please note, you do not put the next card or the previous card to one side – the number card counted to is the number placed to one side. Cards both before and after the chosen card are freely shown to be indifferent cards.

Any spectator now turns over the card selected. They open the prediction, which was placed in full view before the number was formed; the chosen card exactly matches your prediction!

It truly appears a miracle – even fools professional magicians and mentalists who can come up with no logical explanation.

The special pack of cards I have designed and supply does all the work for you. There are no sleights used. No secretly cutting the pack or performing the pass. It is oh-so-easy to perform, yet appears to be a miracle in mind control.

No rough & smooth, wax or extra packs used. At this price it is truly a snip.
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Highly recommended for close-up, cabaret or stage use.

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