Card to Wallet

Card to Wallet

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Paul Daniels as guest of David Nixon performing his card in wallet.

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This amazing effect was a feature in Paul Daniels act for many years, and many other well known magicians worldwide. Highly recommended!

The stylish leather-look hip Wallet supplied is easy to load and is also the perfect ending to the ambitious card!

A spectator chooses any playing card, signs their name across its face and the card is then lost in the pack.

Moments later you take out your wallet & lay it in full view.

A magic word and the spectator finds their signed card is no longer in the pack.

Your wallet is now opened, the display panel inside the wallet is unfastened and amazingly their signed card is seen underneath the plastic window in your wallet!

Their signed card is now removed and can be given to the spectator as a souvenir of your amazing magic performance.

The hip style wallet is easy to load, use your own deck of cards. Card to Wallet needs a little practice but it is well worth spending an hour or so to learn it properly.

Comes with the special, black leather-look Wallet (approx 12cm x 10cm when closed) & photo-illustrated instructions plus an extra sheet of instructions by Eddie Burke which outlines his method of performing this effect without sleights or palming.

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