Ziptie Escape

Ziptie Escape

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Become the NEW Houdini!

These inescapable, ultra-tight ZIP TIES OF DEATH take only a few seconds for you to shake free! In fact, bound not only by your wrists with two jumbo 36" long zip ties but also with your fingers trapped by two smaller zip ties, you are able to escape with ease!

Everyone knows that a zip tie or cable tie can get so tight it will pop your hand right off your wrist! However, even though these are tightened enough to turn your hands blue, thanks to a little Poor Boy ingenuity you're able to perform an amazing escape with un-gimmicked zip ties close-up or stage!

*Examinable, unfaked zip ties.
*Everything you need, ready to go!
*Huge impact, close-up or stage.

Comes with a set of two 36" long zip ties, two 8" long zip ties & instructions.

Post FREE in the UK. Overseas please add £5.00 for the extra postage to your country unless this is part of a larger order.

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