Let Me Read Your Mind

Let Me Read Your Mind

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This is a combination of ideas by two brilliant mentalists incorporated into one of the strongest & outstanding mental effects ever!

Imagine a small envelope into which your spectator peers, removes one of your business cards and then secretly writes something upon it. Perhaps a word, a number, name or even a small drawing, all while your back is turned.

The business card is sealed inside the envelope and two pieces of sticky tape are used to attach the envelope to your forehead; it is plain to everyone present that there is NO WAY you can possibly know what the spectator has written or drawn – save possibly with your ability to read their thoughts!

With due showmanship that is exactly what you do, correctly revealing the name, number etc or duplicating the drawing that they secretly made!

The card can be taken away by your spectator as a souvenir of the day you read their mind. A perplexing mystery using everyday properties.

Remember there is:
•No switch of card or envelope
•No stealing or palming required
•No impression methods used
•No magnets, mirrors or reflectors involved
•It is also easy to do!

Comes with full instructions & the necessary samples.

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