Lucrezia's Goblets of Death

Lucrezia's Goblets of Death

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Based on Ken de Courcy’s Luck of Lucrezia and our own popular effect Goblets of Doom this is a handy close-up pocket version using a different method that is ideal for table-hopping, always ready to perform & uses laminated picture cards the same size as regular poker playing cards.

Telling the story of evil Lucrezia Borgia whose guests at her lavish dinners could end up poisoned to death, you introduce six picture cards of Goblets in the style used by Lucrezia and invite one of your 'guests' to point to the back of any card, no force.

The freely selected card is removed by the guest who, let us say, it is a lady and she holds the card face down upon her own hand.

You then show that all the other cards have pictures of ordinary looking drinking goblets on their faces.

The lady now turns her card face up to find that there is a skull & crossbones on her goblet, a certain sign that she is a victim and she has picked out the poisoned goblet of death!

Alternatively, your guest using her natural protective psychic powers has picked a safe goblet; the others when shown are all poisoned Goblets of Death!

•Ideal for pocket or table-hopping
•Always ready to perform
•No special skill required
•Free choice of any card
•Easy to do!

Comes complete with six laminated 3.5” x 2.5” cards & instructions.

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