Mass Mind Control - Mre

Mass Mind Control - Mre

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Based on a wonderful & little-known method, this effective presentation of ‘Mass Mind Control’ never fails to both baffle and entertain audiences from small groups of five to six people to many thousands.

Eddie frequently used it as the opening effect to his full evening show, the sensational ‘Mind Play’.

It is ideal for cabaret, club, stage and even a few friends that are dining together!

There is no set up or advance preparation required.

One simple prop (supplied) is used as a memory aid for the audience – and even this can be eliminated if you so wish.

Proposing an experiment in ‘mind control’ you direct your entire audience to mentally think of a country, an animal and a colour.

Incredibly, over 90% of the participants will find that they are thinking of the same country, animal and colour that you have mentally directed or predicted!

Please don’t be put off by the small price we are charging for this item – I promise you that presented as I explain, you will be onto a winner that I have audience tested hundreds of times.

Very easy to do – you simply have to present it as I outline in the comprehensive instructions. No memory work is required.

Complete and ready for you to feature.

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