Watchdog by John Taylor (Pro-Series 12)

Watchdog by John Taylor (Pro-Series 12)

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John Taylor is acclaimed as one of Australia's foremost performers & creators of magic & illusion and has performed to more international audiences then any other magician in Australia.

Taylor's signature inventor's piece would have to be the 21st century Metamorphosis called 'Suspended Animation' which hit international fame when it was released to the magic community in 2000, and 'Ultimate Dimension' which Taylor released in 2014.

Now for the first time, Taylor is going to share with you an original effect of his, which has been kept secret for over 25 years and he is proud to release to the magic community at long last!

EFFECT: The performer brings a spectator on stage and uses them for a magic trick. As a gift for assisting the magician he makes them a balloon dog.

Just before they go back to their seat they are asked what the time is. The spectator looks at their wrist only to discover that their watch has gone, the performer comments, "If only we had a watch dog."

Upon looking at the balloon dog the volunteer discovers their watch is inside the dog's tummy!

Included in the book are some video links where Taylor shows you his technique to steal a watch which is made EASY by the structure of this routine. If you can make a balloon animal then you can perform Taylor's unusual trick.

Taylor also explains how to perform this in a close-up situation so it is an ideal routine for walkabout, restaurants, stand-up and stage.

If you want to create a seemingly impossible miracle for your audience that hits them right between the eyes then Watch Dog is it!

37-page paperback book (8" x 5",20cm x 12.5cm)with photo-illustrations.

"The moment John showed me this I knew it was comedy GOLD. What makes it a winner in my eyes is that it can be performed under any condition and is easy to do. A wonderful routine for the kids magician to parlour and stage performer." Michael Finney.

"This is a really cool trick. I have seen John Taylor perform it in a 700-seat theatre and the audience loved it! I totally agree with them." - Niels Duinker.

"If you want to add a great act to your show, which blends incredible magic, comedy and mystery, look no further. Watch Dog is a professional routine that gives you a 7-8 minute act, and is very entertaining. Thanks John for sharing this with the rest of us." Luca Volpe.

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