Bob and Mary - Mr E

Bob and Mary - Mr E

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Bob and Mary will take you less than five minutes to learn and you will have a wonderful close-up, walkabout or stand-up effect that will give you loads of fun!

Loosely based on the late Fred Lowe’s effect ‘FRED’ but there is no rough & smooth card used and you only use ten playing cards instead of a full pack.

You show the full faces of ten playing cards and ask a spectator to merely think of any one of them. There is no force whatsoever involved.

Let's say he thinks of the seven of diamonds, and remember, they only think of a card, they don’t remove it or name it.

You ask them to concentrate and following a neat little gag you say that you are ready to actually name their card – you name it “Mary!”

The audience are not impressed at all.

The spectator now removes the thought-of card for himself and holds it between his palms where you cannot touch it.

You show the backs of the other nine cards and they all have a single name colourfully printed permanently on each of them.

You explain that these remaining nine are ‘male’ cards so you have named them all ‘Bob’ after a friend of the same name.

You remind the audience that you named the selected card ‘Mary’ before the card was actually removed from the packet of cards.

The participant looks at the back of the card they hold and sure enough in bold, colourful, permanent lettering is the name Mary!

Comes with ten cards with the names printed on them & instructions.

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