The Magic of Edward Victor's Hands by Rae Hammond

The Magic of Edward Victor's Hands by Rae Hammond

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Born in 1887 Edward Victor was one of the greatest magicians who ever lived & he affected the work of almost every close-up magician working today. Dai Vernon and Ed Marlo, among many others, owed a major debt to the work of Edward Victor.

His creations include the famous Eleven-Card Trick, which inspired Vernon's Spellbound, and Coins & Champagne Glass.

Victor's sleights inspired Tilt, Convincing Control and many others.

Edward Victor's story and magic are fascinating. This heavy-weight book brings together an absorbing collection of magic and biography.

Contains a wealth of information and most of Edward Victor's many tricks that he contributed to periodicals and other books, his marketed items as well as unpublished routines from his private notebooks.

It traces the story of his life with many unique black & white photographs and insightful pieces of memorabilia that recall the glory of a golden age. There is even a chapter on his Shadowgraphy.

246-page hardback book (approx 11.25" x 8.75", 28.5cm x 22.5cm) over 250 drawings & almost 100 black & white photographs throughout. Sold at a great low price!

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