Voodoo Doll - Mr E - Out of stock

Voodoo Doll - Mr E - Out of stock

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If you are looking for a prediction effect with a chilling difference, look no further – this has everything, suspense, wonderment and unusual props.

You show a cloth Voodoo doll that you claim was presented to you by a Voodoo Witchdoctor. The doll is divided into four different body zones.

You explain that everyone has a vital zone and by the power of the Voodoo Doll if a pin were stuck into your vital zone it would mean instant death.

Fortunately your Voodoo friend taught you the spell to protect your vital zone and you are about to demonstrate the power of Voodoo!

A spectator is invited forwards to play the part of your ‘enemy’. You hang a cord around his neck that is threaded through a simple unfaked trombone style paper clip. Into this paper clip you slide a folded piece of paper on which you have written the secret vital zone of your body.

The spectator is given three pins and invited to stick them one by one into the various zones of the Voodoo Doll. No force is involved.

Using only the power of your mind against your enemy you are willing him not harm your vital zone – leaving one zone of the doll free of any Voodoo pins.

Let’s say the participant misses the head of the doll, could this be your precious vital zone?

The prediction paper is removed from the trombone paper clip and read out aloud for all to hear and in blood red writing it states, 'You will not stab my Sensitive Vital Zone as this is my head area and is protected by a powerful Voodoo spell!

No carbon style impressions, no double writing & no swami gimmicks are used. The paper clip is not gimmicked. If you search for the rest of your life you will not find anything that comes anywhere near this for drama, mystery & audience excitement!

Voodoo Doll comes complete with voodoo doll 7.5” long (19cm) and instructions. Don’t miss out on this weird & wonderful winner – get yours today!

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