Free Postage & Packing - Information only - please don't click

Free Postage & Packing - Information only - please don't click

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FREE 2nd class postage & packing in the UK is available on certain magic items which can be found listed under 'Categories' and also under every Category on this website; we also clearly tell you which they are on each of these individual items.

Should you order any of these 'Post FREE in the UK' items they will NOT trigger any postage charge.

Overseas: Where an extra amount is indicated for either 'Post FREE in the UK' or for Overseas items; please pay via PayPal by going to our Category on our Home Page entitled 'Extra Payment Required' and click on the most suitable amount for the required extra amount indicated on the item you select.

All other items Not marked Post Free in the UK are sent at our usual low-cost charge of £3.95 per parcel in the UK, and £6.95 on small packages in Europe including Eire, larger overseas orders will be sent at postage rate charged by the UK Post Office. We do recommend overseas tracking and signature at your end which includes insurance against loss and damage.

Other countries please email your order and then we will email you back with the total postage for the items that interest you. Thank you.

You do NOT have to click on this link to receive this Free postage in the UK and clicking on this link does NOT mean that items eligible for postage will then be sent post free.

Postage is not free to us and is not included in the price of the articles you order.

Your kind understanding is appreciated.

Thank you for your business.

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