Cigarette Lighter Russian Roulette!

Cigarette Lighter Russian Roulette!

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Here is a reputation-making effect that is suitable for close-up, walkabout, cabaret or stage performances. It can also be used under test conditions as no fakes of any kind are used.

Audience members carefully inspect a brown paper bag or borrowed hat and five cigarette lighters. They discover that four of the lighters work normally, while the fifth is out of fuel and refuses to light.

The lighters are mixed together inside the paper bag and any five spectators each chooses a lighter, concealing it inside their hands so that no one can possibly know which of them holds the ‘dud’ lighter and which four hold the working lighters.

In the sensational effect that follows – you ‘sense’ each of the five spectator’s closed fists and correctly reveal two of the ‘live’ lighters. With your third choice however, you almost get burned as you wrongly name it as the ‘dud’ lighter – pulling your hand away from the flame just in the nick of time.

With the tension now rising, you stand with your two outstretched hands – one over each lighter with your eyes genuinely closed. The two participants are told to operate the two final lighters at the count of three. You count: “One, two, three!” You pull one hand away just in the nick of time, leaving your other hand safely over the ‘dud’ lighter!

A red-hot finish that will leave audience breathless with suspense! Sorry this item is not sold to juveniles.

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