Cat Lick - Mr E

Cat Lick - Mr E

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Cat Lick is a great accessory to use with your Evaporated Milk effect giving it an applause-pulling amusing finale.

You show a folded card cone and appear to fill it with milk using your Evaporated Milk jug, Milk Wonder Glass or Milk Pitcher.

You then flatten and open the cone out to show the milk has vanished without a trace - where can it be? But what’s this? you are only showing the flat outside of the cone - what are you hiding?

Well the secret’s out when you reveal that the opposite side is a picture of a cute looking kitten licking her lips, who you claim is your secret assistant who quickly drinks all the milk and brings about your miracle. Everyone loves it!

We supply a set of four ready-folded coloured card cones which will last you for many years of trouble free shows.

Two ready-folded cones have the picture of a kitten inside and the other two have the same kitten picture but with the words ‘That’s Magic!’ written underneath.

The cones are pre-folded and measure A4 size when unfolded, you can refold them openly in front of the audience before you appear to pour the milk inside, and then unfold them to show the milk has vanished without a trace, finally showing the kitten for your amusing climax!

Comes with a set of four Cat Lick cones & instructions. Use your own Milk Vanish jug.

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