Subliminal Persuasion - Mr E

Subliminal Persuasion - Mr E

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You show a large envelope which you say contains your prediction of a playing card that you will persuade a spectator to choose from your well shuffled and shown pack of cards. The envelope is left in full view.

A spectator cuts the pack into halves and you spread one half faces upwards between your hands as you ask your spectator to try NOT to think of any card he sees.

You then take one card from that half and lay it face down upon the table.

Taking the other half of the pack you deal cards faces down until the spectator calls for you to stop. The card stopped at is shown, and let’s say it is the Five of SPADES.

Both the card before and the card after the chosen one are now shown as you point out that if the spectator had stopped you either before or after the chosen card and all the dealt cards are also turned faces upwards, to show that he would have chosen a completely different one.

The card still face down on the table is now turned over by the spectator and proves to be the exact mate of the selected card, in our example this would be the Five of CLUBS.

The large prediction envelope is now opened by any spectator and proves to hold just two jumbo sized cards – the Five of SPADES and the Five of CLUBS!

Subliminal persuasion at its best. Spectator can stop you on any card. Easy to do, do it anywhere.

Comes complete with a regular Bicycle pack of playing cards, prediction cards, envelope, jumbo prediction cards & instructions.

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