Mini Coin Table

Mini Coin Table

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Just imagine walking up to a table of guests and announcing that you are the 'Table Magician,' and you have brought your own table!

So saying, you display a miniature table claiming that you have borrowed it from your daughter's dolls' house.

You drop a coin on the table to illustrate that it is solid with no trap doors!

The coin is then "thumped" on top and it penetrates right through the table visibly dropping under it!

The table can be examined after the effect.

Easy to do! Suitable for many UK and USA coins, I work it with either a 10p coin or a 2p coin.

Mini Coin Table is made from polished wood with an inlay trimming, measures 5" high x 2.5" wide & stands 2.5" above your working table. Comes complete with instructions.

Only £7.95

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