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You show a small Hypno-Disc a card with a hypnotic spiral on it and demonstrate how it is used to produce a ‘hypnotic state’. Three further cards are shown each of which has a mystic picture or design on it. These are placed in a row along a table or the seat of a chair.

Passing the Hypno-Disc over each of the cards several times, the spectator is invited to strike a mini metal cymbal at any time that they wish you to drop the Hypno-Disc, upon any of the three mystic symbols.

Incredible though it may appear, you have magically influenced the participant to drop the Hypno-Disc on the very symbol you have previously predicted!

Hypnotism? Mind Control? Psychic Power? Let them judge for themselves!

The truth is that it is all a very clever easy-to-do trick, that you will enjoy performing again and again.

Hypno-Prediction is supplied complete with everything you require, including the mini cymbal and all the cards.
Cards are laminated for long life.

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