Houdini Deck - Stephane Jardonnet

Houdini Deck - Stephane Jardonnet

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Houdini Deck is an intriguing close-up effect. You show a deck of Bicycle playing cards to the audience and it is plain that each card has a small hole in one corner.

You now ask a spectator to choose a card and put it back into the pack and the pack is then locked through all the holes with thumb cuffs and then given to the spectator.

You now call upon the ghost of Houdini to work his magical wonders!

With big surprise to the audience, the chosen card has disappeared from the deck only to reappear mysteriously inside the magician’s pocket or any other place that you wish. It's like a spooky Houdini Séance close-up!

* A real Houdini escape.
* Made with original Bicycle cards.
* Very easy to do, but with a high impact.

Comes with the special Houdini Deck, great quality miniature Thumb Cuffs & instructions.

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