Mental Flashes

Mental Flashes

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You show a number of ‘Mental Flash Cards’ that each contains a statement such as ‘Think of a Colour’, ‘Think of a Number’ etc. There are about thirty cards in all and each and every one of them contains a different ‘mental test’. No duplicates. You explain that psychologists use them to develop ESP or mind reading skills.

Any three spectators take part and after the cards have been mixed together, each selects one card without your seeing who has which test on their card. Participants put the rest of the cards away unseen. Apparently without a clue to what test each person has selected, you reveal each one in startling detail naming colours, numbers and a whole manner of other impossible-sounding details that the participants appear to be only thinking of!

The means of presentation are both varied and elastic. Any number of participants can take part – but we suggest that reading the minds of just three is ideal making this the ‘Ultra-De Luxe Mindreading Act!’ Mental Flashes is perfect for close-up, walkabout, cabaret, stage or T.V. We guarantee that it both baffles and amazes even the most knowledgeable magicians and mind readers who are not a party to the subtle but easy-to-do methods used. Mental Flashes fills a two-fold purpose, for stage and close-up. It is THE one great test that convinces – whether presented to a few individuals or a thousand spectators.

This is a one-man feature that requires no advance work or information. A ‘miracle’ to those who witness it as no loophole is left open. Here is a principle that will be regarded as the last word in this business of direct mind reading!

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