Angel of Death - Mr E

Angel of Death - Mr E

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The ideal close-up effect for Halloween or any time of year!

Four laminated cards are shown front and back, each with a picture of a rather attractive Angel of Death.

One card is placed between your spectator’s hands in a praying position leaving you with just three Angels of Death.

In the patter story that follows these three Angels turn into three graveyard pictures as you explain that this is the place many people rest after the Angel has paid them a visit.

Others go via the crematorium and as if to illustrate this the gravestones now change to pictures of fire!

But, you continue, there is an alternative for your spectator; as you make a mysterious circle around their hands of prayer and then ask them to reveal the picture they hold – a picture of a bloody Vampire with the caption ‘Vampires Forever!’

“May I kiss your neck?!” you ask and when they look up at you, they will have a shock as you are showing your vampire teeth in an evil smile for your scary climax!

Only four laminated picture cards are used which can then be examined.

Comes with picture cards (2.5” x 3.5” poker cards size), vampire fangs & instructions.

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