Cabaret Cards Revelation - DOWNLOAD

Cabaret Cards Revelation - DOWNLOAD

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The tremendous advantages and possibilities of the Cabaret Card Revelation cannot be over-exaggerated. Here is an item which can become a feature effect in your close-up or cabaret work.

You make a secret prediction, either on a pad, slate, recorder or sealed inside an envelope, which is given for safekeeping to any spectator. Please note: You have absolutely no need to touch this prediction again during the course of this effect.

An ordinary pack of playing cards (which may be borrowed) is now introduced and may be examined. Several members of your audience now thoroughly mix, cut and shuffle the pack. Clearly the cards are thoroughly mixed together.

A number of cards are now selected and may be held in a fan by one spectator or individually distributed to several members of your audience. Immediately you appear to read their minds and start to correctly reveal each of the chosen cards at lightening speed! Only one card remains unnamed. Your earlier prediction is shown – let us say it’s the Seven of Diamonds. The final card is now revealed and you are 100% correct – IT IS THE SEVEN OF DIAMONDS!

A superb and ideal method for close-up, TV, radio, theatre, club & cabaret presentation. No switching, no palming, no fumbling and no suspicious peeks. Every phase of the operation is logical and above board. Ideal for large or small groups. Use any pack of cards. Use it anywhere its advantages are unlimited.

In the Mr. E download are the details of the full method, routines and applications so that you can add this to your act almost immediately. The only skill you will require is the skill of presentation.

Use your own pack of cards.

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