Mental Flash Numbers

Mental Flash Numbers

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You make a prediction writing it boldly on a card or blackboard and then leaving it in full view. You need never touch it again. Next you show a number of educational ‘flash cards’ each with a simple mathematical problem on it, explaining that these are used in the education of small children.

The cards are shuffled and mixed by the audience and then any three spectators each choose one of the problems. The spectators are invited to solve the problems and then call out their three different answers. These are added together to make one final number.

Anyone shows your prediction – which reveals the correct total answer to all three problems!

This is simple direct mentalism at its very best and requires absolutely no skill, memory work or special mathematical abilities. You will be able to perform it straight away.

Please note the following points:
·The prediction and answer will be different every time.
·Perform it anywhere-anytime under any conditions.
·None of the cards are faked so they can all be left for examination if you wish. No marked cards.
·The sums are simple so the effect is suitable for all ages from about eight years upwards.
·Always ready to perform and very easy-to-do!

Mental Flash Numbers is supplied complete and ready for you to perform and includes an entertaining patter routine.

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