Monkey Face

Monkey Face

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Monkey Face is one of those items that packs flat at the bottom of your show bag yet is always ready to perform. It’s a comical way of pretending to take a child’s photograph on your special photographic plates but magically producing a MONKEY face!

You show two A5 size plaques on all four sides. Each side shows just a single red spot as you explain these are a new kind of photographic plate for which no camera is needed.

The plaques are laminated and so they will give you years of trouble-free service.

Having shown and explained the purpose of the plates they are then placed together and your child participant places his nose on one of the spots; thus the plates are concealing his face from the rest of the audience.

There follows lots of audience participation, humming or making eerie noises. The plaques are shaken and – nothing!

More humming and eerie noises by the audience and this time when the plaques are separated a comical looking Monkey Face has appeared and since this is in front of the boy’s face like a mask it makes a very funny picture indeed!

Please note: The picture appears on one of the picture boards UNDERNEATH the plastic laminate and cannot be erased.

Immediately both plagues can be passed out for examination and they will find nothing that gives a clue to how they work.

The routine explained is presented in such a way that no child is embarrassed or made to look silly.

The little known method is most baffling and was used by professional ‘spirit mediums’ in the 19th century to reveal chalk pictures on boards from “departed loved ones.” It is very easy to do and nothing else is used except the two laminated A5 boards.

No flaps or pockets, chemicals, chalk or anything similar is required. No sticky stuff and no switch of boards.

Comes complete with instructions and all ready for you to perform.

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