Ezy Miser's Dream - DOWNLOAD

Ezy Miser's Dream - DOWNLOAD

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A child is asked to assist you and your hands are shown to be completely empty. The child examines an ordinary metal or earthenware drinking mug. (No mug is supplied as they are easily obtained from your local camping shop). You hold the mug only by its handle.

Suddenly you start to produce a stream of coins from the child’s ears, head, nose and so on, dropping each one with a ‘clang’ into the tin mug.

Next you go among the audience producing coins from a whole manner of places like men’s beards, ladies’ hair arrangements, ears, noses and elbows etc. In fact just about everywhere you can imagine. It truly is both mystifying and entertaining to watch.

The best of it is that positively no skill is required. The mug and coins are perfectly ordinary.

Always ready to perform with no special preparation. If you ever wanted to perform the miser’s dream but were put off by the practice and skill required then this is definitely for you!

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