Incredible Prediction - Mr E

Incredible Prediction - Mr E

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Incredible Prediction started its life in the 1970s as a working jumbo prediction of a freely selected playing card, about ten years later and after many performances, it became a top feature effect and the incredible prediction of a word and number formed by a member of the audience.

You show an A5 size sealed envelope marked as your prediction and leave it in full view of the audience.

Several spectators are given envelopes and cards; each is asked to write on their card any word and any number which has some meaning in their lives and then to seal the card into their freely examined envelopes.

Another spectator collects all the envelopes by hand and mixes them together.

Without any force or influence from you one of the envelopes is freely chosen by any spectator and then isolated in an ordinary unfaked whisky glass which is left in full view.

Your prediction envelope is freely shown on both sides and then opened. If you wish you can have other envelopes nested inside which can then be opened until your folded prediction paper is removed.

Any spectator unfolds the prediction which is in bold permanent writing and reads it out loud, it contains a single word let’s say ‘incredible’ (but it can be any word in any language) and also the prediction names the number 784 (it can be any number).

Any spectator removes the envelope isolated in the whisky glass and takes out the card inside - it contains one word and number ‘INCREDIBLE 784’!

No stooges, no forces, no swami, sticky stuff, carbon copies or secret writing. Strictly a one person effect; no lovely assistants, secret or otherwise, are required.

Comes with samples of the everyday stationary used together with instructions of this stunning & versatile professional prediction effect.

A true show stopper that is easy to do. Highly recommended!

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