Amazing X-Ray Vision with Bicycle Cards - Mr E

Amazing X-Ray Vision with Bicycle Cards - Mr E

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You hand about two thirds of your Bicycle deck to a spectator and keep the others.

While your back is turned the spectator freely picks any playing card from his cards, remembers it, and then slides it back anywhere among your cards.

•Immediately, and without any suspicious moves, you correctly name or write on a pad the spectator’s freely chosen card!
•More than one card can be magically revealed with this amazing method.
•This canny trick will have a fantastic effect on your audience.
•It is very easy to do – but devastatingly clever!
•This is a big improvement on the standard X-Ray Deck as this pack can then be used for your other regular tricks as well as being shuffled and examined by your audience.
•No special eye operation for X-Ray Vision is required!

Comes complete with poker sized quality Bicycle playing cards & instructions.

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