ESP Prediction

ESP Prediction

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Show five small ESP cards showing the Star, Cross, Wavy Lines, Square and Circle. The cards can be examined, as they are completely unfaked. Also show a small envelope that has a single card popping out of its top. Please note: Only one card is inside the envelope.

A spectator eliminates four of the cards leaving only one ESP symbol. The card inside the envelope is shown – it exactly matches the selected symbol!

Now I know that this sound similar to something you already know – but I promise you this is far superior in every respect. This baffles even the most knowledgeable magicians – with the original card version I can remember puzzling both Tommy and his brother David Cooper. In fact I must have supplied David with over one hundred sets that became one of his favourite demonstration effects in his Cooper’s Magic Shop in Slough.

With this ESP version you can change the prediction card each time you perform it, so it is ideal for table-hopping and the like. ESP Prediction takes no resetting except to change the prediction card, which only takes a moment.

Supplied complete and ready to perform and at a bargain price.

Only £12.99

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