ESP Pictures Cabaret Sensation - Mre

ESP Pictures Cabaret Sensation - Mre

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Two sets of five Jumbo E.S.P. Picture Cards are hidden in opaque envelopes by assisting spectators. The envelopes are not sealed.

Two participants from your audience each take a set and shuffle them thoroughly. Each then secretly peeks at one picture card INSIDE any envelope – no force. Please note: The card is NOT removed.

The participants then mix the peeked-at envelope with each other’s four envelopes.

Participants stand one each side of the performer, but at a distance away from him and hold one envelope each above their heads.

‘Sensing’ the cards, the performer instructs each to drop one envelope at a time – indicating which of their five he wishes them to keep.

Turning to one spectator, he asks them to name their freely selected picture. They open their envelope to find you have correctly stopped them at this very one.

The second participant is asked to concentrate on his sign – you draw something on a pad (not supplied), which is left in full view. This participant is then asked to name their sign, let us say he replies “The tree” (remember it can be any one – no force).

He opens his envelope to find inside this very picture. You now show your drawing – it is THE TREE!

Eddie Burke has featured this effect for over 10 years in various styles in the Professional Psychic Show. It is released here for the very first time in this novel ESP picture form!

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